The IT Architect

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish ITA as a valued diverse supplier and partner of Fortune 500 firms within the competitive marketplace that delivers scalable and comprehensive IT and telecom solutions. It is our belief that we can fulfill this mission through a unique combination of industry vision and our extensive domain of knowledge, resources, and innovative technology.

Our Services

Communication and technology business automation design, implementation and management services

Wi-Fi and Distributed antenna solutions (DAS)

Mobile device management and fulfillment services

Virtualization Solutions – VMWare Certified Professional

Wireline solution implementation and management services

Project management services

Machine to Machine (M2M) solutions

Data Center Equipment and Solutions : BASELAYER

Value Added Reseller (VAR) – technology and communications products

TEM and bill consolidation services

Security technology solutions

WAN/LAN Solutions

Our Culture

ITA simplifies so you can lead your organization with innovative and effective IT solutions, efficient service, and confidence.

Our style is likened to a large company which relentlessly pursues perfection while fused with the seamless ability to quickly execute decision-making with the nimbleness of a small company.

Our promise is to be an innovative solutions firm with our eye on the customer & its future, which will require us to continue to have mature, highly-skilled, and disciplined team members; ITA shall deliver!

ITA understands that business leaders want user-friendly and workable Communications & IT solutions, not technology-loaded jargon.

Local Delivery

With global reach

Our capability for wide spread geographic reach has allowed us to have the unique power to serve any client in diverse parts of the world We stay within our core areas of expertise, when it comes to both satisfying client's needs, we see no boundaries.

The key to success of our Staffing Methodology is "simplicity and flexibility" to respond to the rapidly changing business environment in the competitive global landscape. ITA positioned for long term success through meeting and organization's human capital needs while meeting its diverse spend goal.

Our Partners

We collaborate with thebest.