Enterprise mobility

Enterprise Mobile Device Management

ITA’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution enhances employee productivity without compromising on corporate security.

Automation Intelligence

Smart City, Smart State

ITA’s automation intelligence enables organizations and municipalities to achieve significant cost savings by efficiently designing, implementing and monitoring several different automated facility functions and building controls.

IoT Automated Solutions

Transforming How Businesses Connect

ITA enables organizations to do more with IoT, by leveraging our IT Telecom and Managed Services expertise to help you build and deploy smarter products and solutions, creating value innovation to help organizations generate higher profits, competitive advantages through innovation and increase operationally efficiency.


Discovery of a preliminary view of opportunity and likely approach for capture. Synthesize all available information into customer solutions blueprint. Customize service offerings and design the solution.


Access organization readiness to take delivery. Insure all physical, technical and contractual safeguards are in place and that they support the client's strategies, operations and business functions.


Implementation of ITA's managed services suite with up to 24/7 Tier 1 Call Center support. Management of critical components through redundancy, recovery and customer satisfaction review.

Industries we're experts in

Delivering top of the line white glove service in today's most active markets.


Value Proposition

With over ten years of experience in varying areas of information technology and telecommunications, our solutions help organizations to facilitate growth, compete more effectively, reduce costs and work more efficiently
1 Increase Revenues

By diversifying your service offerings through becoming an ITA Strategic Partner

2 Reduce Costs

By achieving greater efficiencies and less downtime through device and billing analysis, custom software solutions, application integration and data management.

3 Provides White Glove Service

From creative teams that understand the value of quality service and how to deliver it seamlessly

4 Increase Customer Satisfaction

Through better information management solutions

5 Increase Business Insight

Through better information/data management, business intelligence, and database reporting

6 Achieves Greater Workforce Collaboration

From customized software solutions optimized for your organization and based on your strategy and operations

7 Increases Productivity

By leveraging information technology to expand existing business opportunities and create new opportunites

8 Improves Workflow

Through the application of new IT technologies and the refinement of existing processes to achieve organizational efficiencies and improve performance